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The Fugoo XL speakers come with two EQ modes.  To switch between the modes, just hold the Play button for approx. 4 seconds and it will dynamically switch between available EQ modes.  

As of launch, we have two EQ modes: Outdoor Mode and Normal Mode.  The Fugoo XLs ship in Outdoor Mode.  Outdoor Mode delivers more mids for a fuller, richer, louder sound, while Normal Mode provides more bass, particularly at lower loudness levels.  

EQ is very subjective depending on customer style, environment and music style. With the 4 tweeters, we have a very clean 20KHz top end, then we go down to 50Hz, lower than much of the competition. We started with two of the most important EQ modes.

The first is “Normal Mode”. In Normal Mode we start rather flat as the artist intended, but then we added additional deep bass.

The second EQ is "Outdoor Mode”. Outdoor Mode is the default mode. We know that when you're outdoors, heavy bass is lost because it needs to bounce off objects. Also, with 4 tweeters, it can get a bit out of balance with the bass loss, so we turned them down a bit and emphasize mids more. This is a good balance between outdoors and indoors, and why it's the default, but several of us here at Fugoo enjoy normal mode in both environments. Comes down to personal preference (Outdoor mode - more mid emphasis, Indoor, more Bass emphasis).

One additional unique benefit with the Fugoo architecture is we put the mid woofers on the ends. That give more stereo separation, a wider sound field and one other very cool capability. If you're indoors, try putting it in a corner where the mid woofers are reflecting off the walls. It will use the walls as sound re-enforcement and give even a fuller deeper image than competitive speakers! Enjoy and Rock On! 

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    Mikee Sullivan
    When turning up the volume to max on my Style XL the music briefly cuts out than back on just before reaching its max. I noticed it did the same watching reviews of it online. Why is this?
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    When you hit maximum volume the speaker let's you know. That is what the cut off of the song is.
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