Reset - try this first

If the speaker becomes unresponsive, or misbehaves in any way, please try resetting it, which will often restore it to good working condition:

1. Press and hold the Action (O) button.

2. While holding the Action (O) button, press and hold the Bluetooth button. Keep both buttons depressed for 15 seconds.

3. Try turning the speaker on by pressing the power button.

If the speaker doesn't turn on, try pressing the power button as hard as possible.

if the speaker is still not operating correctly, or it it takes excessive force to turn it on and off, please let us know by sending a message to

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    Jesse Martin

    My speaker won't charge or stay on anymore. I can't reset it because the battery is dead I believe.....just blinks blue then turns off

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    Linda Pugliese

    the speaker went into a loud HUM mode, like the feedback when crossing wires. I followed the above reset instructions (which should be in the manual - if it is, I didn't see it) and the loud feedback hum stopped and the speaker is again perfect! I love my fugoo!

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    Linda Pugliese

    I should add that it started when I tried to disconnect the Bluetooth when a call came in, so I could talk through the phone, not the speaker...

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