Fugoo XL - Available in retail and online!

Amazon has the Fugoo XL model for sale as well as our Style, Sport, Tough speakers and accessories.

There is  also one website (in Canada) that is shipping the Tough XL speaker: Mountain Equipment Co-operative (MEC).

Some of their photos show the Tough XL with a Hand Strap attached, but that strap is meant to be sold as an extra cost accessory, and is not yet available anywhere.

 We don't plan to accept pre-orders, and we don't have a trade-up program.

Here's the US & Canadian Fugoo retail store locator.

 The three XL models share the same XL speaker core, so they sound identically great. The core XL is considerably louder with stronger bass response than our original Bluetooth speaker models. Like those, they have 360 degree sound (the core XL has eight drivers arranged on the four sides), and are IP67 waterproof and dustproof. The core XL can run for as long as 35 hours on a charge, and it has a USB charge-out port to keep your smartphone or tablet running.


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