Firmware update available

Firmware 1.00.53 offers makes the speaker somewhat louder than it was with earlier versions of its firmware.

  • Now includes two loudness modes: Normal Mode, and Loud Mode. Toggle these modes back and forth by holding the Action button (O) and then pressing the Power button to power the speaker on (the speaker must be off to start with).
  • Normal Mode We've improved the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms to increase the overall loudness of most songs, while limiting the loudness of certain songs to prevent distortion. Songs that were recorded and mastered at a relatively low level will be boosted in loudness, while songs that were recorded and mastered at a very high level and can reach distortion are reduced some or boosted less to limit or prevent distortion. Music from streaming services like Pandora and iTunes Radio will sound 20-30% louder with firmware  versions 1.00.36 and newer.
  • Loud Mode We boosted the overall gain to achieve even greater loudness for outdoor use when you want that extra oomph out by the pool or beach or barbecue party. Mild distortion on some songs will not be obvious , once the party gets started.

Improved Audio Fidelity - We further improved the audio quality balance between the highs, mids and lows for an even better playback of your music as it was originally recorded.  

Besides increased loudness and audio fidelity, we have made many additional usability improvements recently.  

  • Three levels of Voice Prompts: We added support for quieter voice prompts. Now, there are three different Voice Prompt levels. Switch between them by holding the + and – buttons while powering on the speaker.
    1. Normal - Voice prompts and tones are set to volume level 10.
    2. Low - Voice prompts and tones are set to volume level 7.
    3. Off - No voice prompts and tones played except for very few like Pairing voice prompt.

  • Removed Volume Change and Volume Minimum tones.

  • Improved Volume max volume indication: The max volume tone now plays only once when Volume Up (+) button is pressed and held to get to maximum volume. Previously, it would play each time the button was pressed.

  • RemovedPowering Offvoice prompt and tones played during the following timeout events, which save battery power when the speaker is not in use.
    1. Event 1: When the speaker is on and it has not been connected to any source device for 15 mins.
    2. Event 2: When the speaker is on and connected, but there has been one hour of inactivity (no music played, no speakerphone mode use, no buttons pressed, etc.)

  • Improved full charge indication. The LED now changes from pulsing green to solid green when the battery is fully charged.
  • Fast charging is now possible from more 3rd party USB chargers, including many Apple chargers.

  • Support for auto-updating speaker battery icon displayed on the iPhone and iPad.

  • Enhanced battery charge notifications: We added a new “Battery is one quarter” charge level, and expanded the battery charge blink patterns and voice prompts.
    Check the battery status by clicking the power button (when the speaker is on). The speaker will respond with one of seven blink patterns and / or voice prompts, as follows:
    1. Green LED blinks 6 times / "Battery is full."
    2. Green LED blinks 5 times / "Battery is almost full."
    3. Green LED blinks 4 times / "Battery is three quarters."
    4. Green LED blinks 3 times / "Battery is half."
    5. Green LED blinks 2 times / "Battery is one quarter."
    6. Green LED blinks 1 time / "Battery is low."
    7. Red LED / "Please recharge the battery" (the speaker will be turn itself off soon to protect the battery)

In addition to the above listed improvements, the MAC version of the Fugoo Speaker Update Software now allows you to control the following features of your Bluetooth Speaker:

  • Switch between Normal mode and Loud mode
  • Set a Bluetooth Device Name to make it easier to pair your speaker.

Fugoo continues to listen to customer’s feedback, to improve its products, and to design new ones.


 [ Last revised by WA, 11 Nov 2014 ]

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  • Avatar
    Bruce Gerhartz

    Just got my tough fugoo impressed with quality but perplexed as to why you would send me something that's more capable once updated. Why not update before you send it?

  • Avatar
    Osvaldo Calzado

    You need to better communicate this info. I expend a lot of time online researching and learning and even so it was just by coincidence that I found this page (thank God). I imagine that most your users are not even aware of this update which will greatly improve their experience and love for the product.

  • Avatar
    Joshua Calloway

    How do we know if our fugoo speaker needs this firmware upgrade?

  • Avatar
    wun toothrie

    Just purchased the tough xl ... very disappointed that this update isn't available for the larger version ... I upgraded from a big jambox, but am finding that the fugoo isn't much louder if not quieter ... and that the Bose 40 feet away can drown the fugoo out (at 10-15 feet from the speaker) ... now, everything else is fine ... it looks like a very capable speaker ... sound quality is fantastic ... controls are nice ... I'm hoping for an identical update for the xl (sooner than later) ... and that the 'loud mode' is actually LOUD ... not loud* ... I guess what I'm saying is I expected a habanero (not even the ghost pepper advertised) and I got a jalapeño ... I guess we'll see when the update is finally released ...

  • Avatar
    Ernesto Barrientos
    How do I update fugue software??
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