How can I tell connection status and battery status?

Updating your speaker's firmware to version 1.00.53 or newer makes your speaker somewhat louder and more feature-rich than with previous firmware versions.  Browse to our Start page and follow the instructions to update your speaker. Once you download and install the Fugoo Speaker Updater Utility, it will show you the current version of your speaker's firmware.


We use one LED to indicate the state of the speaker.

Generally, blue indicates Bluetooth connection status, and green shows battery charge status (and red indicates a very low battery charge). 

Connection status:

Blinking blue/red: Pairing Mode. The speaker is available for pairing with a source device (smartphone, tablet, Mac, PC, etc.)

Blinking blue: Not currently connected, but available to connect with a source device with which it has been paired.

Solid blue: Connected -- currently paired with and connected to a source device.

Battery charge status:

By momentarily clicking the Power button when the speaker is on (and not charging) the LED will blink to indicate the battery status. (After a power source is disconnected, give the speaker 5 seconds to determine the battery capacity before you click the Power button.)

    One green blink: battery charge is low

    Two green blinks: battery is one quarter charged

    Three green blinks: battery is 1/2 charged

    Four green blinks: battery is 3/4 charged

    Five green blinks: battery is almost fully charged

    Six green blinks: battery fully charged

If the battery's charge is critically low, the LED will blink red (automatically, rather than when the power button is clicked).

Battery charging status:

When the speaker is charging, it will slowly pulse green/off.  It takes about 3.5 hours to fully charge the battery on your Fugoo Speaker using the included Fugoo adapter.  With a different AC adapter, your charge time may vary, based on the amount of power the charger can deliver and the adapter's level of USB Charge compatibility.  

When the battery has reached full charge, the LED will glow solid green.

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