Trouble pairing the speaker with a smartphone, or other source device

If you can't pair your Fugoo Speaker with your phone or other device, please try following these steps:


 1. Press and hold the the speaker's Bluetooth button until the speaker says "All Bluetooth pairings cleared" (~8 seconds).

2. On your phone (or other source device), browse to Settings and remove any entries for 'Fugoo Speaker'. On the iPhone and iPad, tap the  icon to the right of the Fugoo Speaker, and then tap 'Forget this Device'. The iPhone will find the speaker again, and pair with it.

3. The speaker should still be in pairing mode and 'Fugoo Speaker' should show up the device list again. Tap it to pair and connect.

Here are the three functions of the Bluetooth button:

[ Last revised by WA, 24 Aug 2015 ]

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