Voice prompts: quieter, or none?


First make sure that your speaker has the latest firmware,  available from our Start page.

Follow the instructions there to update to the latest firmware.

We created tones and voice prompts for our speaker to deliver a useful and fun experience. Once you become familiar with the speaker's behavior, you may prefer to have a quieter experience. 

You can now switch between three voice prompt levels by holding the + and – buttons while pressing the power button.

  • Normal - Voice prompts and tones are set to volume level 10.
  • Low - Voice prompts and tones are set to volume level 7.
  • Off - No voice prompts and tones, except for a very few including the Pairing mode voice prompt.

Enjoy Your Music!

[ Last revised by WA, 11 Nov 2014 ]

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    Joshua Kronengold

    It doesn't seem to work for me. :( Latest firmware (I even tried both the aussie version and the radio voice version) and all hitting power and (-) do for me, together or hitting one and then holding while I hit the other, is turning the volume on down low. Help?

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    Peter Vasquez

    Joshua, while the speaker is off, hold down the + and - buttons together and then hold down the power button. You should be holding down all three buttons. I also found if you hold just the o button down and do this it turns on loud mode.

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    DM T

    Thank you sooo much that annoying voice was the only downside I could think of for this speaker! Now that its gone I give you my money now! :) thank you and keep up the work on these wonderful products!!!

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