Louder speaker outdoors?

First, make sure that your Fugoo Speaker is running firmware 1.00.36 or later.  You can determine your Fugoo Speaker firmware version with the PC or MAC Fugoo Speaker Updater from the downloads section off the support tab on this site or on our Start page.  

Connect the speaker to your computer, and then launch the PC or MAC Fugoo Speaker Updater. It will show you the speaker's firmware version. If it's less than 1.00.36, be sure to download the latest firmware, and then run the Fugoo Speaker Updater to update the speaker.

We made the speaker substantially louder with this upgrade.

Once you have updated your speaker, or have verified that it has version 1.00.36 or greater, then...

  • Your Speaker has two loudness modes: Normal Mode, and Loud Mode. These modes can be toggled back and forth by holding the Action button (O) as you click the Power button to turn the speaker on (the speaker must be off).
  • Normal mode - Recommended for every day indoor and outdoor usage.  We have improved the software in the Fugoo Speakers to increase the overall loudness of most songs, and at the same time limiting the loudness of certain songs to limit or prevent distortion.
  • Songs that were recorded and mastered at a relatively low level will be boosted in loudness, while songs that were recorded and mastered at a very high level and can reach distortion are reduced some or boosted less to limit or prevent distortion.
  • Streaming services like Pandora and iTunes Radio will be 20-30% louder in Normal mode compared to previous firmware versions.
  • Loud mode - using the same smart software, we boosted the overall gain further to achieve an even louder experience. Loud mode is great for outdoor use when you want that extra oomph out by the pool or beach or barbecue party and some amount of distortion on some songs is not obvious in that environment.  We have seen up to 50% greater loudness in Loud mode over a wide variety of content, versus previous firmware releases.

    [ Last revised by WA, 11 Nov 2014 ]
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    Alhassan Adjei


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    Ander Garmendia

    Finally!!! I loved my speaker in every way, except for the maximum volume. Hopefully the software will continue to improve in this respect.

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