How do I connect a Fugoo Remote Control to my Speaker?

A Fugoo remote control may be connected to just one Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker at a time -- so that only your remote can control your speaker.

0. Update the speaker's firmware. The remote control works best with firmware 1.0.36 or newer. Please browse to our Start page to download the latest firmware.

1. Turn on the speaker that you wish to pair with the remote.

2. If this speaker has been previously paired with another remote, clear its pairing list by pressing and holding the Bluetooth button for about eight seconds (ignore the Pairing Mode message and keep the button down until you hear the Pairings Cleared message).

3. If you cleared the pairing list on the speaker, then pair it with your smartphone, or other Bluetooth device, per the following four steps. Otherwise, skip to step 4.

    3.1. Press and hold the Bluetooth button for about three seconds to enter Pairing mode. The LED will flash blue and red, and a voice prompt will announce "Pairing mode".

    3.2. On your audio device (smartphone, tablet, etc.), make sure Bluetooth is turned on. See the instructions that came with your device (or the "Help with Connecting" section of this FAQ) for more detailed instructions.

    3.3. When 'Fugoo Speaker' appears on your Bluetooth device, select it.

    3.4. Wait for the speaker to pair with and connect to your Bluetooth device. If voice prompts are enabled, the speaker will say, "Pairing successful” and "Connected".

4. Connect the Speaker to your smartphone or other audio device. This typically happens automatically when the speaker and the Bluetooth device are turned on, and are within about 30' of each other.

5. Optionally stream some music to the speaker from your Bluetooth device to confirm that it's connected.

6. Hold the remote within two inches of the speaker.

7. Press and hold the remote's Play/Pause button until the speaker says "Remote connected" (typically after three to ten seconds). The remote has now been successfully paired with and connected to the speaker.

8. Press the remote's Play/Pause button again. If music is streaming, it should be paused, confirming that the connection between the remote and the speaker is working.

[ Last revised by WA, 11 Nov 2014 ]

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