Volume control?

Setting the loudness / volume of your music or phone call can be confusing, because there are 'volume' controls on both the Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker and on your audio device (phone, tablet, etc.)

For most devices, these volume controls work independently, so you'll need to set them separately. The most important thing is to make sure that the volume setting on the audio device is not all-the-way-down. Think of it this way: If you send your music to the speaker at zero-volume, there won't be anything to play.

The same is true if you connect your audio device to your speaker's Aux In jack with the included audio cable -- the volume controls on the audio device and Speaker work independently.

(Some newer devices, including iPhones and iPads, make this a bit easier by supporting a Bluetooth protocol that synchronizes the volume levels between the device and the Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker. Changing either one -- using the volume buttons or slider on the phone, or the volume buttons on the speaker -- changes them both.)

Generally, you'll want to set your audio device to full volume, and then you can control the volume of the music at the speaker, using its Volume Up and Down buttons (or the optional Remote) for anything between totally silent to Let's Party!

[KC/wa Feb 2014]

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