Battery life?

Battery life for your Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker depends on usage, but you'll get up to 40 hours at 50% loudness. At maximum loudness, you should still see 10-14 hours battery life.

The battery is a rechargeable Lithium-Ion cell. You recharge it though the speaker's Micro USB port -- from the supplied Fugoo charger, your PC, another USB charger, or a USB car adapter. The battery runs the speaker for up to 40 hours. It is not user replaceable, but we expect it to last for up to five years.

We have designed our supplied charger to fully charge the battery in about 3.5 hours, starting from when the battery is empty.  

If your battery runs out and you don't have long to charge it, just charge the speaker for about 15 minutes with the Fugoo charger, which will allow the speaker to play music for two to three hours (at half loudness level).

Other USB chargers, and the USB ports on computers, will generally charge the speaker more slowly... overnight, typically.

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    Will I be able to send my speak in, to have its battery replaced. When that time comes ?
    Rik R.

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    Lo Gee

    Hello, is the battery user replaceable? If not, will you replace the battery when needed?

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    Stacy Lynn Roberts

    Anyway to fix the battery charger inside the fugoo that connects to the ac charger it came loose

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