Charging the battery (original small Fugoo speaker)


The high-capacity battery in the original (small) Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker is charged by plugging the included AC adapter/ charger into a wall socket, and then connecting the AC adapter to the speaker with the included USB cable.

As soon as this connection is made, the speaker starts charging the battery, and the LED starts to pulse green. Once the battery is fully charged, the LED glows 'solid' (continuous) green.

The included AC-to-USB adapter is specifically designed to allow the speaker to fast-charge its battery, in about 3-1/2 hours.

The speaker can charge the battery from just about any other USB ports, including those found on Macs and PCs (the computer may need to be turned on). The speaker can charge the battery in a day from most other AC-to-USB adapters (like those supplied with many Android phones). The speaker can fast-charge the battery from any iPad AC adapter.

When the speaker is connected to the supplied Fugoo AC adapter or an iPad AC adapter, the battery is charged quickly (3-1/2 hours), even if the speaker is on and playing music at maximum loudness. With the Fugoo or iPad AC adapter attached, the speaker switches its power source from the battery to the AC adapter, and it simultaneously runs the speaker and fast-charges the battery from the AC adapter.

[ Last updated by WA. 13 Nov 2014 ]

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    AO Mtbr

    Why don't you put this instruction in with the box so we don't have to hunt through this website to find it out?

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