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Click this link to watch a 'How To' overview of your Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker, including how to pair it with your phone or other source device:  Video: Using your Fugoo Speakers

 Bluetooth Button functions:


There are two types of connectivity with your Bluetooth Speaker:


  • Pairing is how two Bluetooth devices set up a trusted relationship. In this case, the two devices are your Fugoo speaker and a music source -- like your smartphone. 
  • When you first turn on a brand new Fugoo Speaker, it starts up in Pairing Mode and says so. The light between the Power and Bluetooth buttons flashes blue / red.
  • In Pairing mode, you can pair a NEW source device like a phone, tablet or computer.  Go to the source device's Bluetooth setup page and look for "Fugoo Speaker", then click on it or choose the Pair button.  The Speaker will announce "Connected" when it is Paired and connected to the source device. 
  • Connected means ready to play sound.
  • You can put your speaker in Pairing mode at any time by holding the Bluetooth button down until the speaker says "Pairing mode" (about 3 seconds).
  • Afterwards, the speaker and the source device it's paired to can be turned off or moved out of range, but they will remain paired, though not connected.  
  • Depending on the source device, it will typically reconnect with the speaker, when both are on, and in range again.

Connecting (From the Source)

  • In the Bluetooth Settings page of your phone, tablet or computer, you should see Fugoo Speaker.  If it's not connected, try clicking or tapping "Fugoo Speaker" to connect.

Connecting (From the Speaker)

  • If the speaker is not connected to any source device, then clicking the speaker's Bluetooth button will cause it to search for a previously-paired device. If it finds one that it has been previously paired with, and that is within range, is turned on, with Bluetooth enabled, it will reconnect to that source device.
  • If you are currently connected to a source device and wish to switch to another already-paired source device, click the Bluetooth button to disconnect from the current source device. Click the Bluetooth button again, and the speaker will search for the next source device that it was paired with, and connect to it, if found (this could take several seconds). Repeating this process will eventually reconnect the original source device. 

If you still can't connect:

  • In your source device's Bluetooth Settings, find any entries for "Fugoo Speaker" and tell the device to forget them ("Forget this device" on iPhone and iPad).
  • On the Fugoo Speaker, press and hold the Bluetooth Button for about 8 seconds, until it says "All Bluetooth pairings cleared". 
  • It will be necessary to re-pair your source devices with the Speaker.  For each of them, browse to their Bluetooth Settings page and tell them to forget the Fugoo Speaker, then follow the usual pairing procedure again.
  • The Speaker should be in Pairing mode at this time, so watch for "Fugoo Speaker" in settings on your source device and click it, or the Pair button, to reconnect.

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