How do I connect to an Android phone?

Follow these steps to pair and connect your Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker with an Android phone or tablet...

Go to your phone or tablet's Home screen and choose Settings, then Bluetooth, and make sure that Bluetooth is turned on.

Put your Fugoo speaker into pairing mode by holding the Bluetooth button down (for 3 seconds) until the speaker says "Pairing Mode".

Watch the screen on your phone. When "Fugoo Speaker" appears, tap it to pair and connect. 


For Fugoo XL owners, we have a new firmware fixes an issue with some android devices connecting, but not playing music.

Go to and download firmware version 2.04.22 or later to resolve this issue.  

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    Rodney Lane

    I'm connected but no sound from music playing on android phone. Tough XL

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    Hadi; Have you made sure that your Android phone has the volume turned up and make sure that you have your volume on your speaker also?
    Sorry for suggesting the obvious you probably already have tried that but that's all I can think of.
    Hope you have it figured out by now and when you do it has great sound I really enjoy it.

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    Travis R

    I also just purchased an XL and can't get it to play sound from my Samsung S5. It connects just fine, minus sound. Won't play from my MacBook Pro either. Friends iPhone 5 connected just fine though. Not super stoked to have to run a wire to play tunes on this brand new speaker....nope.

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    Derek Green

    I just got the xl today. It paired fine at first but now I turned it on a few hours later and it wont pair. It says speaker on blue tooth off and none of the buttons save the power button will do anything... So now what? Not impressed so far.. Too bad it sounded really great for the five minutes I could use it.

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    Casey Sorensen

    I'm having the same problem with a Sony xperia z3 and Samsung galaxy s6. Connects to Bluetooth just fine, won't play any sort of sound from my phone though. Connects to my Lenovo laptop and plays music fine from there... Don't know if I'll be purchasing fugoo speakers in the future. Not really impressed with the volume either.

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    Alejandro Moreno

    Just got the fugoo xl, same issue, no sound...then found this page and applied the software upgrade, that fixed everything, my note 5 and all my devices (all Android, of course) connected just fine. On the other hand, I have to agree with the low volume, but the quality of the sound is amazing.

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    Duneti Cho

    Another easy way to hook up your Android phone, if you have Google go to Google settings and turn on your Bluetooth there, and just pair up no problem
    Not only do I have my excellent Bluetooth fugu speaker hooked up but I also have a SmartWatch, Bluetooth headset( that Sony tells me I can't do) as my headset is not made by Sony it is a Plantronics try it you'll like.

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    Robert Silski

    Just got the Fugoo XL it connected to the bluetooth on my Samsung s5 but won't play music. It will though connect for phone calls which is strange. I tried the download but it won't download properly. Always a glich at the end which prevents from completing the process.

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    David W Ingelson

    I'm having this same problem on my Windows 10 Laptop and Moto G4 Plus Android.

    The Fugoo connects but then no sound is played. I've updated the firmware to the latest already.

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