How do I connect to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod?

Follow these steps to pair and connect your Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod...
  • Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on (from the Bluetooth menu under Settings (the "gear" icon) on your device).
  • Put your Fugoo speaker into pairing mode by holding the Bluetooth button down (for 3 seconds) until you hear the speaker says "Pairing Mode".
  • Watch the screen on your device until the name "Fugoo Speaker" appears, then tap it to pair and connect.

  • If you are asked for a PIN, enter 0000.
  • If the iPhone has been previously paired to the speaker, it may be necessary to tap the  icon to the right of the Fugoo Speaker, and then tap 'Forget this Device'. The iPhone will find the speaker again, and pair with it.

  •  See pairing and connecting happen in the video: How To Use Your Speaker

    [ Last revised by WA, 12 Nov 2014 ]
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    Van Lam

    Yes, it working now .thank

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